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SD Voyager Interview

Meet Andrew McKee of McKeezy Productions

I had the pleasure of connecting with 

SD Voyager for an interview in 2020,

where I talk about my musical

upbringing, the challenges of being

a touring musician, and what I strive for as

a producer. Enjoy!

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ShoutOut Socal Interview

Work-Life Balance: Is there such a thing?

I recently did an interview with ShoutOut SoCal where I give my thoughts on work-life balance and talk about my career path as a producer/engineer - check it out!


Check out my feature article with Canvas Rebel! CLICK HERE


Shoutout SoCal INTERVIEW

What's The End Goal?

In my second interview with Shoutout SoCal, I talk about my professional end-goal and the different things I've done and am doing to arrive there!

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